Create your website or blog with Ghost CMS - From £15 per month

Explore our Ghost CMS managed hosting services. From £15/month, offering 1,000 members, email newsletter, Stripe payment integration, 24/7 technical support, daily backups and an SSL certificate. Enjoy reliable hosting with no hidden fees and no commitment.
Create your website or blog with Ghost CMS - From £15 per month
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Flexible web solutions that grow with your needs

Forget about expensive plugins, annoying updates and bug fixing hassles. Say goodbye to poor SEO and bad back-office experiences.
Elevate your blog and website publishing experience with Ghost CMS: Simple, intuitive and powerful content management that simplifies your online journey while maximising impact in every post.


What is included in our web hosting services offer?

Our starter hosting service, priced at an affordable £15 per month, is designed to provide a comprehensive and reliable online presence for your business. Here's what our service includes:

  • Capacity of up to 1,000 Members: our hosting service can support websites with up to 1,000 members, making it an ideal solution for growing communities and businesses.
  • E-mailing Included: We provide an integrated e-mailing system, allowing for seamless communication between you, your team, and your clients.
  • Support for 5 Staff Members: Our service includes resources and support for up to 5 of your staff members, ensuring they have the tools they need for effective website management.
  • Daily Backups: We perform daily backups of your website, safeguarding your data against loss and ensuring business continuity.
    SSL Certificate Included: Security is a top priority. We include an SSL certificate with our hosting, ensuring your website's data is encrypted and secure from external threats.
  • Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%: We proudly offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring your website is reliably available to your users. You check our uptime in real-time, providing transparency and assurance of our service's consistent performance.

Our hosting service is more than just a space on the internet; it's a comprehensive solution designed to ensure your website's performance, security, and reliability.

Are there any hidden fees associated with monthly hosting?

No, we do not have any hidden fees.

Does monthly hosting include the domain name ?

Yes, the domain name is included in the monthly Explorer offer. You can also use your existing domain name or register a new one. We will provide guidance on this.

How can I pay for monthly hosting?

We accept payments by credit and debit card or bank transfer. You can choose the option that suits you best at any time using the customer portal.

What is the timeframe for my website to go live once I have subscribed to your web hosting services ?

Once you have subscribed, your website will generally go live within 24 hours after the initial setup. In some cases, it may take a little longer.

What does 'Choose server location from 10 cities' mean in the Explorer hosting plan?

The 'Choose server location from 10 cities' feature in our Explorer hosting plan gives you the flexibility to select the physical location of your server from a list of 10 international cities. This choice allows you to position your server closer to your target audience, potentially reducing latency and improving the speed of your website for your users.

The available cities for server location are:

  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Vienna
  • Singapore
  • Stockholm
  • Sydney
  • Zurich

Choosing a server location that is geographically closer to your main user base can positively impact your website's SEO. Search engines often favor websites with faster loading times, which can be achieved by minimizing the distance between the server and the user.

How can I cancel / manage my web hosting service ?

You can easily cancel / manage your monthly hosting subscription at any time by accessing your customer portal. Log in to your account and look for the section dedicated to hosting management. You will find the option to cancel your subscription there. Please note that it is recommended to do this before the monthly renewal date. If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance, our customer service team is here to help. Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Understanding Our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ensures your website remains accessible to your audience with minimal interruptions. This means your site will be operational for virtually the entire month, with downtime limited. We maintain this high standard through advanced monitoring and infrastructure. You can view our real-time uptime status, showcasing our commitment to consistent and reliable hosting services.

Written by
Jérémie Raude-Leroy
Director of, we build and/or host your website / blog with Ghost CMS. Reliable, hassle-free and SEO optimised, perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs.

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