Case study - Website Migration from Blogger to Ghost CMS

Discover how we migrated the bilingual website from Blogger to Ghost CMS for, enhancing functionality and SEO. With meticulous content migration, URL redirection, and customized training, the site now operates efficiently on a modern, responsive platform
Case study - Website Migration from Blogger to Ghost CMS
In: Web Design

Industry: Accounting
Services Provided: Website Migration, SEO Optimization, Technical Training

Client's review

Project Objective

Franck Sidon, Managing Director at TaxAssist Accountants, required a platform upgrade for his bilingual (French and English) website from Blogger to a more robust, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized platform. He needed a solution that not only improved the site's aesthetics and functionality but also maintained the integrity of existing content and URL structure.

Implemented Solutions

Migration from blogger to Ghost CMS

We migrated Franck's dual-language website content from Blogger to Ghost CMS, chosen for its superior performance and flexibility. Ghost CMS is known for its clean, efficient codebase and was ideal for supporting a bilingual site without sacrificing load times or usability.

SEO and URL Redirection

To preserve SEO value and ensure a seamless user experience, we implemented a comprehensive redirection strategy from the old Blogger URLs to the new ones on Ghost CMS. This step was critical in maintaining search rankings and minimizing any disruption in user access during the transition.

Custom Design and Responsive Layout

The website was redesigned to be fully responsive and to enhance usability on mobile devices. The new design was tailored to accommodate content in both French and English, ensuring an optimal experience for all users regardless of their language preference.

Technical Training and Empowerment:

Given Franck’s good IT skills, we provided specialized training on the advanced features of Ghost CMS. Franck was quickly able to grasp the functionalities of the new system, enabling him to manage the website’s content and technical settings independently.



The migration to Ghost CMS has significantly upgraded the functionality and aesthetics of Franck Sidon’s website. With the bilingual content effectively managed and optimized, and old URLs skillfully redirected, the site maintained its SEO rankings and improved in user engagement metrics. Franck’s ability to autonomously manage the site has reduced dependency on external IT support and enhanced his control over the website operations.


This project exemplifies our capability to handle complex migrations and optimize web properties for enhanced performance and self-sufficiency. Franck Sidon’s satisfaction underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that align with our clients’ technical skills and business goals.

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