Website Redesign for Francine Joyce

See how we helped Francine Joyce, a diet expert, with a new website that lets her book her own appointments. This change makes it easier for her to handle her schedule
Website Redesign for Francine Joyce
In: Web Design

Client: Francine Joyce
Industry: Health and Wellness
Services Provided: Website Redesign, Client Self-Management Training, Online Booking Integration

Client's review

Project Objective

Francine Joyce, an expert dietician registered with the French Embassy in London, specializing in weight management, body image, and eating disorders, sought a website overhaul that not only represented her professional services but also integrated functionality for managing client appointments independently. The goal was to lessen her reliance on clinic-based booking systems, enhancing her operational autonomy and client engagement.

Implemented Solutions

Website Redesign and Usability Improvement:
We developed a clean, user-friendly website that reflects Francine's professionalism and areas of expertise. The design focuses on ease of navigation and includes detailed service descriptions, client testimonials, and a professional blog to share her knowledge.

Online Booking System:
To give Francine the autonomy she desired, we integrated a robust online booking system into her website. This system allows clients to view available timeslots, book appointments directly, and even reschedule or cancel, all without needing to go through a third-party clinic system. This has streamlined her appointment management and significantly improved client satisfaction.

Client Self-Management Training:
We provided Francine with comprehensive training on managing her new website and using the booking system effectively. This training included basic website updates, content management, and how to handle booking configurations. This empowers her to maintain the site and manage bookings without external help.



The redesigned website has successfully enhanced Francine Joyce's online presence and operational efficiency. The integration of the online booking system has led to an increase in client appointments, decreased dependency on external clinic scheduling systems, and improved overall client management. Francine now enjoys greater control over her practice and can provide a more personalized service to her clients.


This project exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. By equipping Francine with the tools and knowledge to manage her site and client bookings, we've helped streamline her business processes, allowing her more time to focus on her clients' health and wellness needs.

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