Eventbrite vs TicketTailor

Eventbrite and ticketTailor are two popular online platforms for ticket sales and event management.
Eventbrite vs TicketTailor
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Although they have many similarities, there are some important differences that may influence your decision to choose one or the other for your next event.

Differences in Size and Support

Eventbrite is a much larger and more established company than TicketTailor. This means that it has considerable resources and a dedicated support team to help event organizers every step of the way. However, it also means that transaction fees are generally higher on Eventbrite, with a fee of 2.5% + €0.99 per ticket sold, as well as a 3% commission on transactions made outside of the EU.

Differences in terms of costs

TicketTailor is a lesser-known company, but that doesn't mean it's inferior to Eventbrite in terms of quality or functionality. In fact, TicketTailor stands out for its very reasonable transaction fees, with a fee of only 1.5% + €0.30 per ticket sold and no commission on transactions made outside the EU. This can represent a significant saving for event organizers who intend to sell a large number of tickets.

Differences in customization and payment

TicketTailor offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customizing the ticket purchase page and the buyer's experience. Organizers can easily add logos and brand colors to their ticket page, as well as additional payment options like PayPal and Stripe. Eventbrite also offers these options, but they are less easy to use and configure.

Payment system integration on the user's site

One of the main differences between Eventbrite and TicketTailor is how payment transactions are handled. With Eventbrite, ticket buyers are redirected to a payment page on the Eventbrite platform to complete their transaction. This can be convenient for some event organizers, but it can also be confusing for buyers, who may end up on a different site than the event organizer.
With TicketTailor, you have the ability to integrate the payment system directly into your website. This means that ticket buyers stay on your site when they complete their transaction, which can be easier and more enjoyable for them. Additionally, it can encourage buyers to visit your website and learn more about your event, which can be beneficial to your marketing strategy. It is important to note that in order to use this feature, you must have a website and be able to integrate it with TicketTailor. This may require a little extra work on your part, but it can be beneficial to your event and marketing strategy in the long run.

Cash flow

Eventbrite typically holds the cash flow from tickets sold until the end of the event, while TicketTailor allows you to receive payments for your tickets immediately after the sale. This can be a big advantage for event organizers who need cash quickly or don't want to wait until the end of the event to receive their money.
Differences in terms of data management
TicketTailor offers better data management for event organizers. The reports and data exports are more comprehensive and easier to use than those offered by Eventbrite, which can be very helpful in tracking the effectiveness of your event and improving your marketing strategy for future events.


In summary, if you're looking for a ticket sales platform go with TicketTailor.

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