The best alternatives to Beehiiv [2024]

Discover the top 10 alternatives to Beehiiv for creating a high-performing and engaging newsletter.
The best alternatives to Beehiiv [2024]
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Newsletters are an extremely powerful web marketing tool, allowing for effective audience reach, interaction stimulation, and targeted and captivating information dissemination.

Among the most popular newsletter platforms is Beehiiv. This platform stands out for its intuitive user interface and high adaptability.

However, in the face of the constantly evolving and increasing needs of businesses and content creators, Beehiiv sometimes falls short of meeting all expectations.

It becomes necessary to search for alternatives. This article delves into detail on 10 of the best competitors to Beehiiv available on the market.

But first, let's explore the most common reasons why users turn away from Beehiiv.

Why look for an alternative to Beehiiv?

The reasons prompting users to seek alternatives to Beehiiv are numerous and diverse. Here are some of the most notable ones:

. Broader integration capabilities: For those who require wider integration options with a variety of external tools and services, finding a platform that offers these integrations is crucial.

. Advanced features: Content creators and marketers who rely on sophisticated email automation for their campaigns might seek platforms offering more robust and flexible automation tools.

. More options for form customization: Users looking for a higher level of customization in their subscription forms, such as adding custom fields or specific integrations, might explore alternatives offering these features.

. More generous free plans: Those who prefer platforms offering more comprehensive features in their free versions might consider switching to alternatives that meet these expectations.

. More comprehensive customer support: Users who value extended and immediate customer support, such as real-time chat assistance, might seek platforms known for their robust customer service offerings.

How to choose the right alternative to Beehiiv?

To choose a good alternative to Beehiiv, several essential criteria should be considered for content creators. An excellent platform should offer:

. Customizable templates: The ability to create attractive and personalized newsletters is crucial. The presence of easily editable templates allows creators to reflect their brand and unique style.

. Deep analytics: Understanding audience engagement is fundamental. Robust analytics features help measure campaign performance and adjust strategies.

. GDPR compliance: In France as in the rest of Europe, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation is essential to ensure the security and privacy of subscribers.

. Scalability: Whether one is a small blogger or a large-scale media outlet, the chosen platform should adapt to various scales of need and growth.

. Ease of use: An intuitive interface and a streamlined process for creating and sending newsletters are essential for an optimal user experience.

. Affordable pricing structure: Transparent and accessible pricing plans are essential, offering good value for money at different levels of need.

. Integration capabilities: Compatibility with other digital marketing tools is a major asset, allowing for efficient and centralized management of online marketing.

. Reviews and reputation: User testimonials and expert reviews provide valuable insight into the reliability and effectiveness of a platform.

What are the best alternatives to Beehiiv?

In this section, we delve into the detailed analysis of ten major alternatives to Beehiiv, evaluating their features, use cases, pricing, reviews, as well as their pros and cons.

1. Ghost CMS

Platform Overview

Ghost CMS is an innovative content management solution oriented towards SEO for content creators. It offers simplified subscription management and a strong emphasis on monetization.

Designed to meet the needs of publishers and bloggers, this platform stands out for its content-centric approach, ease of use, and advanced features.

It represents a remarkable alternative for those looking to surpass the limits offered by Beehiiv, combining aesthetics, functionality, and performance.

Notable Features

. Built-in SEO optimization: Optimize your content for better visibility on search engines.

. Native membership and subscription management: Provides built-in tools to facilitate monetization.

. Customizable themes: Wide selection of themes to reflect various brand identities.

Use Cases

Ideal for bloggers, freelance journalists, and media startups, Ghost CMS is perfect for those who prioritize content quality and wish to effectively engage their audience.

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Ghost CMS offers a free version for basic needs, as well as paid plans for advanced features and better scalability.

Community Feedback

Ghost is widely appreciated for its intuitive user interface and SEO capabilities, although some users report a learning curve for advanced customization.

Advantages and disadvandtages

Advantages Disadvantages
Excellent SEO features Initial complexity for beginners
Integrated monetization tools Self-hosted hosting required for open-source version
Intuitive user interface High cost of hosted version
Fast performance
Support for Markdown
Active community and support

2. MailerLite

Platform Overview

MailerLite is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency-focused approach in newsletter creation.

This platform stands out for its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, advanced segmentation and customization options, as well as detailed campaign reports.

It is particularly suitable for small businesses and digital marketers seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for their newsletter campaigns.

Notable Features

. Drag-and-Drop Email Builder: Create attractive newsletters with ease.

. Advanced Segmentation and Customization: Target your audience precisely.

. Detailed Campaign Reports: Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns with in-depth data.

Use Cases

MailerLite is ideal for small businesses and digital marketers who need effective solutions to refine their newsletter campaigns.


The tool offers a free plan for basic needs and a graduated pricing based on the number of subscribers.

Community Feedback

Users particularly appreciate its ease of use and excellent customer support, although some express the need for more integrations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Intuitive user interface Limited features in the free plan
Affordable pricing plans Less advanced automation tools compared to some competitors
Free version available Limited customer support
Email and landing page creation features
Email automation and segmentation capabilities
Good email deliverability

3. Substack

Platform Overview

Substack is a dynamic platform that focuses on publishing, sending, and monetizing newsletters.

It stands out for its ability to allow creators to generate direct subscription revenue from their readers, thanks to a minimalist design focused on content.

Substack is an ideal option for writers, journalists, and creators looking for a simple and straightforward solution to reach their audience and monetize their content.

Notable Features

. Direct Subscription Revenue: Monetize your audience directly.
. Minimalist Content-Focused Design: Focus on the quality of your writing without distractions.

Use Cases

The platform is perfect for independent writers and journalists who prefer a simple and direct newsletter platform to monetize their content.

Discover our article of the best alternatives to Substack


Substack is free to publish, with an option for revenue sharing on paid subscriptions.

Community Feedback

Users appreciate its ease of use and direct revenue model, but some note a lack of customization and control over design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Ease of use Platform dependency
Direct monetization Limited customization options
Editorial independence Increased competition
Integrated hosting and distribution Fees on paid subscriptions
Audience engagement Lack of advanced marketing tools
Growing community

4. ConvertKit

Platform Overview

ConvertKit is a robust platform, specially designed for bloggers, podcasters, and online course creators.

It stands out for its advanced automation and segmentation tools, as well as its built-in forms and landing pages.

ConvertKit is ideal for those looking for detailed automation solutions and funnel building to maximize audience engagement and conversion.

Notable Features

. Advanced Automation and Segmentation: Efficiently manage your subscribers and personalize your campaigns.
. Built-in Forms and Landing Pages: Capture leads and grow your subscriber list easily.
. Targeted Email Sequences: Engage your audience with personalized and relevant campaigns.

Use Cases

ConvertKit is particularly suitable for content creators who require sophisticated automation features for their email marketing strategies.

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The tool offers a free tier for basic features and paid plans for more sophisticated needs and increased scalability.

Community Feedback

Users applaud its automation capabilities and ease of use, despite concerns about potentially higher pricing compared to other options.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful email automation Relatively high pricing
Intuitive user interface Limited email design features
Advanced subscriber segmentation
Numerous integrations

5. Mailmodo

Platform Overview

Mailmodo is an innovative platform that stands out for its support of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) emails, offering interactive email components such as forms and shopping carts.

It is an ideal solution for e-commerce businesses and marketers looking for high engagement rates and real-time analytics capabilities.

Mailmodo enables the creation of email marketing campaigns that stand out for their interactivity and effectiveness.

Notable Features

. AMP Email Support: Create interactive emails for better engagement.
. Interactive Email Components: Integrate forms, surveys, and shopping carts directly into your emails.
. Real-Time Analytics and A/B Testing: Measure and optimize the performance of your campaigns.

Use Cases

Mailmodo is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses and marketers looking to maximize engagement and conversion through interactive emails.


The platform offers flexible pricing plans based on email sending volume and required features.

Community Feedback

Users praise its innovative AMP email features, while noting concerns regarding template variety and ease of use.

Advantages and disadvantages table

Avantages Disadvantages
Interactive AMP emails Relatively new platform
Ease of use Limited customization options
High deliverability

6. Moosend

Platform Overview

Moosend is an email marketing solution renowned for its user-friendly automation and advanced segmentation features.

With its real-time analytics and AI-based recommendations, Moosend presents itself as a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking to optimize their email marketing.

This platform stands out for its ability to offer personalized and targeted communication, essential for an effective marketing strategy.

Notable Features

. User-Friendly Email Automation: Easily create automated and personalized campaigns.
. Advanced List Segmentation: Target your audience accurately based on their behavior and preferences.
. AI-Based Analytics and Recommendations: Optimize your campaigns with data-driven insights.

Use Cases

Moosend is perfect for SMEs looking for an efficient platform for automated and personalized email marketing communications.


It offers a free plan for basic features and a limited number of subscribers, with scalable pricing based on the number of subscribers.

Community Feedback

Users appreciate its ease of use and automation features, although some wish for more varied integrations and advanced functionalities.

Advantages and disadvantages table

Advantages Disadvantages
Advanced marketing automation Limited customization options in email templates
Competitive pricing Basic features for advanced users
Ease of use Variable customer support
Robust segmentation capabilities
Detailed reporting and analytics

7. Mailercloud

Platform Overview

Mailercloud is an email marketing platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for email creation, automation, list management, and analytics.

Suited for businesses of all sizes, it combines ease of use with powerful features, allowing users to conduct effective and measurable email marketing campaigns.

Mailercloud is particularly useful for those looking to enhance their email marketing strategies through detailed reports and in-depth analysis.

Notable Features

. Comprehensive Email Creation and Automation Tools: Create and automate your campaigns with ease.

. Efficient List Management and Segmentation: Manage your subscriber lists and segment them for targeted campaigns.

. In-depth Analytics and Reports: Track the performance of your campaigns with detailed data.

Use Cases

Mailercloud is suitable for businesses seeking robust and comprehensive email marketing solutions, whether they are small businesses or large corporations.

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The platform offers different pricing tiers tailored to a variety of needs and subscriber list sizes.

Community Feedback

The platform is generally praised for its comprehensive set of features and excellent customer support, although some users mention a learning curve for beginners.

Advantages and disadvantages table

Advantages Disadvantages
Ease of use Limits in template customization
Advanced automation features Customer support
Multiple integrations

8. Mailchimp

Platform Overview

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms, known for its extensive template library, design flexibility, and advanced marketing automation capabilities.

It also offers CRM features and extensive integration with many applications and services. This versatility makes Mailchimp a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes seeking an all-in-one marketing solution.

Notable Features

. Extensive Template Library and Design Flexibility: Create attention-grabbing emails.
. Advanced Marketing Automation and Segmentation: Personalize your campaigns for more meaningful interactions.
. CRM Features and Multiple Integrations: Manage your contacts effectively and easily integrate with other tools.

Use Cases

Mailchimp is ideal for small and large businesses looking for an integrated marketing platform to manage and automate their communications.


The platform offers a free tier for basic needs, with paid plans based on features and the number of subscribers.

Community Feedback

Mailchimp is widely recognized for its comprehensive set of features and integrations, but it is sometimes criticized for its pricing structure and complexity for beginners.

Advantages and disadvantages table

Advantages Disadvantages
Ease of use Pricing can become high
Wide range of templates Complexity for some advanced features
Marketing automation Email deliverability issues
Integration with other platforms Limited customer support in the free plan
Detailed reporting
Free version available

9. Medium

Platform Overview

Although Medium is not a newsletter platform, it serves as an excellent starting point for building an audience.

This unique platform focuses on publishing and monetizing written content. It stands out with a clean, writing-focused interface, an established audience, and community features.

Medium is ideal for writers, thinkers, and experts who prioritize content quality over employing complex marketing strategies.

Notable Features

. Content Publishing and Monetization Platform: Publish and monetize your writing with ease.
. Built-in Audience and Community Features: Benefit from a platform with an established readership.

Use Cases

Medium is perfect for authors, bloggers, and thinkers looking to share their ideas and build an audience without worrying about technical complexity.


The platform is free for publishing, with revenue generated based on reader engagement and participation in Medium's Partner Program.

Community Feedback

Users praise the simplicity and focus on content quality, although some wish for more control over monetization and audience building.

Advantages and disadvantages table

Advantages Disadvantages
Exposure to extended audience Limited control over presentation
Simple and clean interface Competition for attention
Monetization opportunities Platform dependency
Engaged community Revenue sharing
No need for technical skills Less effective for brand promotion
Improved SEO

10. Klaviyo

Platform Overview

Klaviyo specializes in email marketing for e-commerce, offering deep integration with platforms like Shopify.

Its advanced segmentation capabilities based on purchasing behavior and powerful automation make it an indispensable tool for e-commerce businesses.

Klaviyo is ideal for those looking to leverage customer data for personalized and effective marketing.

Notable Features

. Deep Integration with E-commerce: Optimize your campaigns for e-commerce platforms.
. Advanced Segmentation Based on Purchase Behavior: Target your customers accurately to increase conversions.
. Powerful Marketing Automation: Automate your communications for maximum efficiency.

Use Cases

Klaviyo is perfect for e-commerce businesses looking to maximize the use of customer data for data-driven email marketing strategies.


Pricing scales with the number of contacts and email sends, catering to businesses of various sizes.

Community Feedback

Highly appreciated for its integration and segmentation capabilities, although some consider it more expensive compared to other options.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Advanced integration with e-commerce platforms Complexity for novice users
Powerful email and SMS marketing automation Higher pricing compared to some competitors
Detailed customer segmentation
Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Comparative analysis of alternatives

To help you make the best choice according to your specific needs, we have created this table summarizing and comparing the key features of the different discussed alternatives.

Platforms / Criteria Key Features Pricing Structure Support and Community
Ghost CMS SEO, subscriptions Free + Paid High
MailerLite Drag-and-drop, segmentation Free + Paid Very high
Substack Direct monetization Revenue sharing Medium
ConvertKit Automation, segmentation Free + Paid High
Moosend Automation, AI Free + Paid Medium
Mailercloud Full creation, analytics Paid High
Mailchimp Templates, CRM, automation Free + Paid Very high
Medium Publishing, monetization Free + Partnership Medium
Klaviyo E-commerce, segmentation Paid High

FAQ on the best alternatives to Beehiiv

This section aims to answer frequently asked questions from users regarding alternatives to Beehiiv and newsletter platforms in general.

What is the importance of choosing the right newsletter platform?

Choosing the right platform can significantly impact your ability to engage your audience, analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, and monetize your content. A platform tailored to your specific needs will streamline the management of your newsletter campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

Are free newsletter platforms sufficient for professional use?

While free versions offer basic features, they can be limited in terms of customization, analytics, and support. For advanced professional use, it's often recommended to opt for paid plans that offer more flexibility and features.

How does GDPR compliance affect your newsletter?

GDPR compliance is crucial to protect the personal data of your subscribers. Make sure that the chosen platform provides options to obtain consent from subscribers and manage their data in accordance with regulations.

What is the importance of integrations in choosing a newsletter platform?

Integrations allow you to connect your newsletter platform with other marketing, CRM, or e-commerce tools. They are important for automating processes, segmenting audiences, and providing a cohesive, integrated user experience.

How to effectively test a newsletter platform before committing?

Take advantage of free trial periods and basic plans to test the features, user interface, and compatibility with your current and future needs. Also, take the time to evaluate the customer support and learning resources provided.

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After exploring in-depth alternatives to Beehiiv, it's clear that there are plenty of options tailored to different needs and preferences.

Whether you're a small blogger, an independent publisher, or a large enterprise, choosing the ideal platform will depend on your specific goals, budget, and level of technical expertise.

Here are our personal recommendations:

. For newsletter beginners: MailerLite and Moosend are excellent options for their user-friendliness and intuitive interface.
. For strong e-commerce integration: Klaviyo is undoubtedly the leader in this field.
. For content creators focused on monetization: Ghost CMS offers robust features for direct monetization and SEO.
. For an all-in-one solution: Mailchimp, despite its learning curve, remains a solid choice for its versatility and numerous integrations.

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