Lycée Charles de Gaulle Parents' Association

Website for the Association of Parents of Students at the French School Charles de Gaulle - London.
Lycée Charles de Gaulle Parents' Association
In: Web Design

Implementation of the website with the Parents' Committee

For the implementation of the website for the Association of Parents of Students (APL), we worked closely with the Parents' Committee. We started by installing a working version of the website on a subdomain to allow the committee to familiarize themselves with the new site.

Categorization and autonomy for parents

The website is organized into categories such as "South Ken Primary," "Middle School," "High School," "Wix," "Marie D'Orliac," "Andre Malraux," and "British Section," allowing each parent to be autonomous in communicating and writing articles within their own category.

Customization to meet the needs of the committee

Once the categories and different pages were in place, we worked on customizing the website to meet the committee's needs. The committee chose a theme that we personalized by creating a homepage with "featured information," schools, and the latest news, for example.

Implementation of forms

We integrated two forms. The first one allows for collecting donations, and the second one is for gathering information from parents who wish to insure their child.

Migration of the website to the association's domain name

Once the bulk of the work was done, we migrated the website to the association's domain name, We transferred all the photos and texts, then checked and corrected internal links. We also installed an email delivery system so that the committee could regularly send their newsletter from the website, which allowed the association to save costs by cancelling its Mailchimp subscription.

Bilingual website to communicate with English parents

To communicate with English parents, the website was translated into English. We integrated a web solution to create the English version.

Secure hosting for the association

We host and secure the website for the association, offering services such as managing up to 10,000 members, including emailing, 24/7 technical support, weekly backups, and an included SSL certificate.

Monthly Hosting - £25 per month
Monthly Hosting - £25 10,000 members E-mailing included 10 Staffs 24/7 Technical Support Weekly backups SSL certificate included Subscribe - £25 / month What is monthly hosting ? Monthly hosting is a service offered by Abstract27 that allows you to put your website online on our servers for an e…

Training and support for the Parents' Committee

The website is now live, and the committee is self-sufficient in its management. We provided training to committee members on managing the back-end, processing payments, handling insured member registrations, and sending newsletters. We are available to answer any questions the committee may have as they use the website.

Find the website below:

APL - Association des Parents d’élèves du Lycée français Charles de Gaulle – Londres
Les membres du comité APL ont pour mission de vous représenter auprès de la Direction, de l’Administration, des enseignants et des organismes institutionnels.
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