The best Ghost CMS themes for 2024: Free and Paid Options

Ghost CMS is quickly gaining ground in the world of blogging and website creation. This platform, known for its simplicity and efficiency, is attracting more and more content creators.
The best Ghost CMS themes for 2024: Free and Paid Options
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To make the most of Ghost CMS, choosing the right theme is crucial. A well-chosen theme can transform an ordinary website into a memorable user experience, thereby increasing engagement and visitor loyalty.

In this article, we explore a careful selection of the best Ghost CMS themes for 2024. Whether you're a passionate blogger or a web professional, finding the ideal theme is an essential step to maximize the impact of your site.

We'll guide you through various themes, from premium options to free choices, focusing on their design, features, and benefits.

1.Best Paid Ghost CMS Themes for 2024


Fumio is the Ghost theme we've chosen for our Abstract27 site, ideal for showcasing projects and portfolios. Offering easy customization with a customizable homepage, this theme effectively highlights our projects, services, and blog articles. Rated 5.0 with 42 reviews, Fumio (priced at $149) is compatible with Ghost 5.0 and offers an optimized user experience through regular updates.

Its flexibility is reflected in extensive customization options, from colour schemes to element layouts, and homepage styles. Support for different editor cards in Ghost enriches content, and the theme adheres to WCAG accessibility guidelines. Additionally, Fumio integrates dark and light modes, membership and subscription options, a search function, and simplified comment management.

In short, Fumio is the perfect choice for our Abstract27 site, combining elegance, functionality, and ease of customization for a professional and engaging presentation of our work and thoughts.


With its modern design and SEO-friendly layout, Newsvolt is perfect for news and magazine sites. It stands out for its regular updates, ensuring consistent compatibility with the latest web trends.

Its ability to adapt to various content formats makes it extremely versatile. However, its relative complexity may pose a challenge for users looking for a simpler theme for personal blogs.

Priced at $69, Newsvolt is an ideal solution for editors seeking a professional design with advanced features.


Menia, priced at $59, is an elegant choice for personal blogs and magazines. Its clean designGoogle Fonts support and multilingual content adaptability make it extremely flexible.

Light and dark versions, as well as a post carousel, add to its appeal. However, its orientation towards traditional layouts may limit its adaptability to more innovative projects.

Menia remains ideal for those seeking a classic theme with a touch of modernity.


Delas, priced at $69, focuses on visual appeal with a modern slider and customizable page templates.

It is particularly suitable for personal portfolios and magazine sites. Its flexibility makes it an excellent choice for sites focused on aesthetics.

However, Delas may not be suitable for traditional business sites due to its design orientation.


Priced at $69, Nurui is a lightweight and minimalist theme, compatible with Ghost 4.0+. It is ideal for personal and professional blogs, offering light and dark versions and optimized code.

While it requires customization for some uses, its versatility and clean design make it a popular choice for a wide variety of websites.


For $59, Veen is a minimalist theme with strong support from the open-source community. Perfect for travel, food, and technology blogs, it offers customizable templates and various publication options.

Its minimalist style is ideal for those looking to create a clean and distraction-free Ghost CMS website, although it may be a bit too simplistic for more complex needs.


Pathway, priced at $29, is a modern and clean theme, ideal for travel and lifestyle blogs. Its elegant design and compatibility with modern browsers make it attractive for bloggers looking to share their adventures and stories.

Even though it is specific to travel and lifestyle themes, its simplicity and refined aesthetics make it appealing to a wider range of users.


Sublime, available at $30, is a fast, minimal, and elegant theme suitable for a variety of blogs. Its responsive design and ease of use make it an excellent choice for those starting with Ghost CMS.

While its basic features are relatively limited, its simplicity and elegance more than makeup for this disadvantage.


Blooria, priced at $69, features a modern and clean design, perfect for online blogs and magazines.

With a beautiful post grid and a sticky menu when scrolling, it offers a smooth user experience.

Despite a design that may be too simplistic for some needs, it is ideal for those looking for an easy-to-navigate and aesthetically pleasing theme.


Krabi, offered at $149 for a lifetime license, is specially designed for subscription platforms, with a minimalist layout.

It offers a two-column layout with a main subscription form in the sidebar. It is fully responsive for optimal use on all devices.

Krabi stands out for its multilingual support, tag menu on each page, and custom tag page. It also offers a centered layout option for better readability and a customizable homepage, while maintaining an attractive design even without featured images.

2.Best Free Ghost CMS Themes for 2024


Liebling is a free theme offering a modern and responsive design, perfect for modern personal blogs.

With light and dark colour variations and mobile-friendliness, it offers a pleasant user experience. Its features are somewhat limited as a free theme, but it excels in ease of use and attractive aesthetics.


Alto is a minimalist and clean blog theme that offers both light and dark modes, ideal for launching online publications with a unique style.

It is fully responsive with optional additional features. These include a post carousel for featured articles on the homepage and the ability to choose a white logo in dark mode.

Additionally, Alto displays related posts via common tags at the bottom of articles.


The Digest theme for Ghost is designed for newsletters and focuses on minimalist design.

It dynamically showcases the latest edition on the homepage, with options to access previous editions or a complete archive. At the bottom of the page, an email subscription space attracts attention, encouraging visitors to sign up. When multiple editions are published, Digest automatically generates an archive page, featuring featured editions.


The Solo theme for Ghost is specially designed to showcase the work of an individual author or creator. It stands out for its high customization, allowing users to apply their own style to the site easily.

Solo allows for configuring welcome messages and offers a choice of background colours and typography styles. With its varied layout options for the homepage and article feed, Solo is ideal for presenting content in a unique and captivating way.


Casper is the official minimal theme of Ghost, free and designed to be reader-friendly. It is ideal for general blogs and magazine sites, offering a clean layout focused on readability. Although its features are basic compared to paid themes, Casper is a solid choice for those seeking a simple and effective theme.


Ivy is a clean and minimal theme with a masonry layout, free and ideal for elegant blogs and magazines.

It offers various post styles and social media integrations, but may require adjustments for certain types of content. Its aesthetics and versatility make it an attractive choice for a wide range of websites.


Edge is a free theme ideal for online portfolios, offering an excellent project page and a user-friendly navbar.

Perfect for freelancers and photographers, it combines social media integration and versatile style options. It is perfect for professionally presenting creative work.


Wave, designed for bloggers and podcasters, is a free theme with a clean and simple aesthetic. It offers customizable settings and inspiring default configurations. Wave is an excellent choice for those looking to combine blogging and podcasting.


Dawn is a free theme suitable for trend and news websites. It provides a smooth reading experience, making it perfect for blogs and content-focused sites.

With a "load more content" button, subscription options, and a pop-up search bar, Dawn is a solid choice for a content-focused website.

3.Themes providers

Bright Themes
Theme Up Studio
Premium And Free Ghost Themes | Just Good Themes
Modern Ghost themes for newsletters, memberships, blogs and magazines.
EstudioPatagon Themes
Premium Fast Themes for WordPres with 5 stars support, highly oriented to content with super minimal designs!
Eduardo Gómez
Frontend Engineer & UI/UX Designer.
Hedwik — Premium Ghost Themes

4.Criteria to choose a Ghost CMS Theme

Design and Aesthetics

A theme's design is more than just about appearance; it reflects your brand image or personal style.

A good design should not only be visually appealing but also consistent with the message and values you want to convey. When choosing a theme, consider its aesthetics and how it aligns with your site's identity.

Features and Customization

A theme's features determine its versatility. Look for themes that offer customization options, such as SEO, widgets, and the ability to modify the design to suit your needs.

A feature-rich theme will allow you to tailor your site to your specific requirements.

Responsiveness and Compatibility

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets for web browsing, choosing a responsive theme is essential.

A responsive theme ensures that your site will work optimally on all devices, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Performance and Optimization

Loading speed and optimization for search engines are crucial aspects. A fast and well-optimized theme for SEO will improve your ranking in search results and enhance your visitors' experience.

Support and Updates

Choosing a well-supported theme with regular updates is essential for the long-term security and compatibility of your site.

Good customer support and frequent updates will ensure that your theme remains compatible with the latest versions of Ghost CMS.

Cost and License

Finally, consider the cost and terms of the theme's license. A free theme may be attractive, but a premium theme may offer more features and better support.

Evaluate your budget and choose a theme that offers the best value for money.


Choosing the right Ghost CMS theme is an important decision that can significantly influence the effectiveness and attractiveness of your site.

By considering criteria such as design, features, responsiveness, performance, support, and cost, you can select a theme that not only meets your needs but also enhances your visitors' experience.

We hope this guide will help you make an informed choice and elevate your online presence in 2024.

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Director of, we build and/or host your website / blog with Ghost CMS. Reliable, hassle-free and SEO optimised, perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs.
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