Website for the World Pâté-Croûte Championship - British Semi-Final

Discover how we created an attractive and functional website for the World Pâté-Croûte Championship, UK semi-final, from co-creation to secure hosting.
Website for the World Pâté-Croûte Championship - British Semi-Final
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Co-creation of the website with the Championship Committee

For the creation of the World Pâté-Croûte Championship website, we worked in collaboration with the Championship committee. We first installed a test version of the website on a subdomain to allow the committee to familiarize themselves with the functionality of the new website. This allowed them to become familiar with the website so that they could be self-sufficient.

Targeting and autonomy of participants

After presenting the different functions, the committee took charge to integrate the web content of the site. The website is organized into sections such as "Home" "The Championship" "UK semi-final" "Register now", "Sponsors" and "Contact us" enabling each participant to navigate independently.

Customization to meet the committee's expectations

Once the sections were in place, we worked on customizing the website to meet the committee's expectations.

Integration of registration forms

We integrated a registration form to allow candidates to submit their information and applications.

Transfer of the website to the organization's domain

After completing the majority of the work, we transferred the website to the organization's domain, We migrated all images, texts, and folders, and then verified and corrected internal links.

Secure hosting for the organization

We host and secure the website for the organization, providing services such as 24/7 technical support, weekly backups, and included SSL certificate. This is the monthly hosting offer we propose at £25 per month. The client is free to manage their subscription through the "Customer portal" located in the navigation of the website

Training and support for the Championship committee

The website is now live, and the committee is autonomous in its management. We have trained committee members to manage the back office, receive registrations, and publish updates. We are available to answer any questions from the committee as they use the website.
Find the website below:

The Pâté-Croûte World Championship - UK semi-final
A unique culinary contest for the masters of pâté en croûte.
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